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Today marks the endjourney for another Navy carrier the USS Saratoga, here we the passage of its finall destination and the progress of the USS Forrestal.



















On this Memorial Day we remember all the men and women who died while serving in the countries armed forces.


Over the last few months ASM has recieved countless letters from many for the USS Forestal family members. We salute all the men and women who served on the Forrestal and gave their lives for the freedom that all of us have today. We salute all the men and women who are currently in the armed forces, and look forward to their safe passage home. 


Today, we have released the pictures from the USS-Forrestal event at ASM.




Waiver and assumption of risk form for entry to March 1st event, click here



Due to fog around the south padre island area. The inbound transit is awaiting entry. This entry could be as soon as the fog clears. Possibly at noon today.




As we prepare to welcome the USS Forrestal to its final destination at our facility in Brownsville, Texas we wanted to provide an update to all interested parties to make you aware of our plans prior to our beginning the dismantling and recycling of the vessel.


We recognize the significance of the USS Forrestal to our Veterans who served on the vessel, their families and all Americans as we celebrate the USS Forrestal’s incredible history as the Navy’s first “supercarrier.”


As we seek to honor the 3,500 brave men and women who served – and those who died – on the aircraft carrier during its 38 years of service, we have decided to host two small events in Brownsville.


On the 28th of February we will hold a private event with local officials, dignitaries and a few other key stakeholders, including representatives from the USS Forrestal Association, to officially welcome the ship to Brownsville and to offer some words on behalf of our veterans. Due to Navy restrictions and related security concerns, this is a closed, invitation-only event that will not be open to the public.


The following day, March 1st, we will host an open visitation from 9 am – 12 noon at our facility (101 Boxcar Road, Brownsville, Texas 78521). We invite interested community members, veterans and members of the USS Forrestal Association to bid a final farewell to the vessel. Again, due to Navy restrictions, no one will be allowed to board or otherwise access the vessel, which must remain in a secured and guarded location away from the designated visitation area.


In conjunction with the visitation on March 1st, the USS Forrestal Association will be holding an off-site event a short distance away from the facility that will begin at 1:00 p.m. If you are interested, please contact the USS Forrestal Association at


In the meantime, you should feel free to continue to be in touch with us at


Admission to the event on March 1st will require a waiver prior to entry into the facility, which will be posted on the ASM website as soon as it is available.





February 14, 2014 (Brownsville, TX) - All Star Metals, LLC proudly announces the arrival of the USNS Forrestal (CV-59) towed by the Lauren Foss. Currently the vessel is scheduled for arrival at the Brownsville Sea Buoy on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 0700. The vessel will be best viewed from the South Padre Island jetties, and Isla Blanca Park. The USCG has placed a moving safety zone of 500 yards around the vessel. Please also note that there is no vessel access at All Star Metals or any point of transit into the navigation ship channel.






All Star Metals LLC (“ASM”), a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services LLC, is pleased to announce that the decommissioned Navy super carrier ex-Forrestal will depart on its final voyage on Tuesday February 4, 2014 from Philadelphia, PA to Brownsville, Texas, where it will be dismantled and recycled.  The vessel will be towed by the Lauren Foss of Foss Maritime Company.  The vessel can best be seen as it heads down the Delaware River. 
The US Navy awarded the vessel at the end of 2013, and both the Navy and All Star Metals have worked diligently the last few months to prepare for the arrival of the vessel. 
"All Star Metals LLC has worked very hard over the last few months to prepare the vessel for tow. We have had tremendous support for all parties involved in the movement. We appreciate all the support especially from NAVSEA and USCG." stated Nikhil (“Nick”) Shah, President of ASM.




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