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Our Commitment:

We maintain the strongest commitment to protecting the environment, ensuring the safety of our employees and promoting economic growth in the communities where we operate.


Environmental Stewardship

As recyclers, we take seriously our efforts to be ecologically sound and strive to operate in a manner which minimizes waste and protects the environment.


All Star Metals, LLC (ASM) has invested significant resources in upgrading our facility and machinery to ensure our equipment is performing safely, efficiently and operating to the highest environmental standards.


​We are proud to report that ASM has achieved the highest environmental rating by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This recognition is respected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The recycling of the USS Forrestal will be executed in the most environmentally responsible manner. By processing the metal from the USS Forrestal back into raw materials used in the manufacture of new products, it will reduce the need for virgin materials, such as iron ore, trees and other natural resources.


Focus on Safety

Our primary responsibility is providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees during the towing and dismantling of the USS Forrestal.​

​We believe that our workers are our most precious commodities, and strive to promote a culture of safety. 


ASM holds the one of highest OSHA safety rating, and we are committed to constantly improving our safety record and setting industry standards.


We have surveyed the USS Forrestal project to ensure that any removal of ferrous and/or non-ferrous materials is not a threat to either worker safety or aircraft carrier stability.

ASM is equipped to manage and properly dispose of any hazardous materials found aboard the USS Forrestal.


We have partnerships with companies skilled at transporting and disposing of such materials, and our onsite staff is trained in HAZWOPER and hazardous material handling.



Promote Economic Growth

We are committed to supporting the community of Brownsville, TX, where ASM is headquartered and where the USS Forrestal will be dismantled.

We expect this project will create roughly 150 jobs in the community with the potential for more job creation down the road.


It will also provide long-term benefits to the area through taxes and other revenue paid to local and state government.


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