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What we do.

All Star Metals is full service Ship remediation and recycling center located at the port of Brownsville.  We specialize in the proper disposal and recycling of ship materials, and emphasize on worker safety.

Structural Demolition

Having experience in dismantling multiple projects and various marine vessels, including barges, troop carrier ships, aircraft carrier, our expert crew can dismantle marine vessels in an efficient and safe manner. 

   While maintaining ship stability at all times and ensuring worker safety with respect to falls and other dangerous work surfaces, each project is surveyed prior to hot work to ensure that any removal of ferrous and/or non-ferrous material is not a threat to either safety of workers nor ship stability.

Hazmat Remediation

As a CESQG (Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator) of hazardous materials, All Star Metals LLC can manage and properly dispose of any hazardous materials found aboard marine vessels. 

We work with companies whose expertise in transporting and disposing of hazardous materials, such as PCBs above 500 ppm, mercury, contaminated ballast water, etc.  We have onsite trained individuals in Hazwoper and Hazardous material handling.


All Star Metals, LLC can provide cost-cutting measures for its customers
to obtain the best pricing in any market. In addition, to our multiple traders we are able to
market your scrap to the worldwide market to obtain the best price.

We have business relationships in other countries such as Mexico, Europe, and South America, Etc. By trading worldwide instead of just in the United States we are able to tap into the demands of other countries.

By shipping to wherever the highest demand for a particular type of scrap may be, we can provide strong returns for customers or other scrap recyclers.

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