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Welcome Cape Mendocino!

The Sea Barge carrier reached Its final destination here at All-Star Metals on Friday, Oct 8th. As part of the Ready Reserve Force (RRF), Cape Mendocino participated in activities supporting Operations DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM from 1990-1991.

This massive vessel has a ship length of 875.9 feet and can store 24 barges, 19 CAFS, the sheer size and weight of this vessel is a boon to the local economy in it ensures that there is plenty of work for our employees and other contract companies associated with proper remediation of this ship.

All-Star Metals prides itself in a safety-first work environment and emphasizes the highest standards of environmentally safe remediation and recycling.


We are Hiring! Come by and see ust at the event!
ASM now part of SMS!

All Star Metals has just been acquired by SMS.

AMM awards

All Star Metals has earned the prestigious nomination for the best scrap yard.

Forrestal Memoribilia 

All Star Metals has now made available pieces of the USS Forrestal for sale!

About Us

Ship, Barge and Oil Rig Recycling

All Star Metals, LLC (ASM) a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services (SMS) located in Brownsville, Texas has been operating as a licensed ship recycling, metal processing, and environmental remediation contractor since 2003.

Our facility has the ability to ship and receive material by bulk cargo vessels, barge, and rail.

With a limited number of licensed and approved ship recyclers in the United States, ASM is a leading provider of ship recycling services to the United States government, the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), and commercial barge and vessel owners. The company’s size and leadership in the recycling and remediation field are reflected by its ability to complete jobs in a timely manner. 

Many organizations have recognized ASM for providing recycling services in a cost efficient, safe, and environmental friendly manner. ASM was a 2012 finalist for the American Metal Market Scrap Company of the year. It’s no one wonder others refer to ASM as a “World Class Recycling Facility.”

All Star Metals, LLC is a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services, LLC, which operate full-service scrap processing and steel mill scrap management facilities throughout the United States.

Our Affiliations

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